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Bray People - - MIND GAMES -

1. What is the high­est moun­tain in the Bri­tish Isles? A. Ben Ne­vis, B. Sca Fell, C. Snow­don, D. Hel­lvel­lyn.

2. Which for­mer viceroy of In­dia was the great-grand­son of Queen Vic­to­ria? A. Earl Snow­don, B. Earl Stans­gate, C. Earl Sal­is­bury, D. Earl Mount­bat­ten.

3. Which Bri­tish pub­lisher founded Pen­guin Books? A. Sir Allen Lane, B. Sir Boris Franks, C. Sir Michael For­rester, D. Sir Thomas Irv­ing.

4. What name is given to the growing of plants in a liq­uid nu­tri­ent in­stead of soil? A. Wa­ter seedlings, B. Hy­dro­pon­ics, C. Hy­droplants, D. Wet nur­tured.

5. Which Bri­tish mo­tor­cy­clist won nine world cham­pi­onships in the 1960s? A. Barry Sheene, B. Mike Hail­wood, C. Joey Dun­lop, D. Carl Fog­a­rty.

6. What is the cap­i­tal of the In­dian state of Ut­tar Pradesh? A. Bom­bay, B. Lucknow, C. Ban­ga­lore, D. Nagpur.

7. Which Ital­ian film di­rec­tor made Ac­ca­tone, The Gospel Ac­cord­ing to St Matthew and The De­cameron? A. Vin­cente Min­nelli, B. Vit­to­rio De Sica, C. Frank Capra, D. Pier Paolo Pa­solini.

8. Which di­rec­tor showed tal­ent with the film Nos­fer­atu be­fore be­ing trag­i­cally killed in a car crash? A. Max Ophuls, B. D.W. Grif­fith, C. F.W. Mur­nau, D. Luis Brunuel.


1. D; 2. C; 3. B; 4. C; 5. B; 6. B; 7. A; 8. D

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