Bray People - - ENTERTAINMENT -

BELLE con­fronts Doctor Bai­ley and asks why he took Angie to ‘ their’ restau­rant, but he prom­ises they’ll be to­gether soon and she be­lieves him.

Soon af­ter­wards, Belle pan­ics when it’s clear that Lach­lan has gone to Doctor Bai­ley’s house. She ar­rives to find Lach­lan trash­ing the place.

Lach­lan finds and shows Belle a travel book­ing for Doctor Bai­ley and Angie to go away for Christ­mas. Lach­lan is ea­ger for Belle to re­alise she is be­ing used, but as they ar­gue, they hear a key in the door.

Lach­lan legs it, but Belle has left her bag so is caught red-handed. How will Bai­ley and Angie re­act when they find Belle in their trashed-up house?

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