Bray People - - PICTURES -

Han­nah Kane, Leah Healy and So­phie Ward: Na­mas­daisy, made from yoga mats

Fionn Doyle, Luke Wind­sor and Teresa O’Rourke: Dr Who-La-Hoop, made from sur­gi­cal tubes, pipe in­su­la­tion, re­cy­cled scrubs and rub­ber sur­gi­cal gloves

Kieva Keat­ing and Char­lene Steven­son: Wing­ing It, made from old art fold­ers

Irene Fer­rero and Melissa Tabla­son: Royal Rub­bish, made from plastic bags and but­tons

Aleisha David­son, Megan Mur­phy and Shauna Mon­a­han: Sugar Ad­dic­tion, made from sweets and pil­low stuff­ing

Caoimhe O’Shea, Robyn Earls and Kerri Keane: Throw­ing Shapes, made from ac­etate, PVA glue and acrylic paint

Wik­to­ria Swier­czyn­ska: Se­crets

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