Feel good again by re­bal­anc­ing hor­mone lev­els

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IM­BAL­ANCES of the fe­male hor­mones are to blame for many symp­toms that women ex­pe­ri­ence. Mood swings, sugar crav­ings, anx­i­ety, ir­ri­tabil­ity, tear­ful­ness, ten­der breasts, headaches, painful pe­ri­ods, low li­bido, vagi­nal dry­ness, fluid re­ten­tion, and bloat­ing.

Thank­fully there are sup­ple­ments that can help nor­malise your hor­mones so you can feel sane again. The first step you need to take is to stock up on your omega oils. These oils are ex­tremely im­por­tant be­cause your body can­not make them. The most pop­u­lar oils that women find ben­e­fi­cial in­clude starflower oil, evening prim­rose oil, and clean marine krill oil for women which is be­com­ing an ex­tremely pop­u­lar choice. Try one of these oils and see if it helps, and if af­ter a cou­ple of months there is no change then try a dif­fer­ent one.

You may need to take a multi vi­ta­min to en­sure that you have a sup­ply of all the vi­ta­mins re­quired for fe­male hor­mone pro­duc­tion. This should in­clude zinc, cop­per, and B vi­ta­mins – es­pe­cially B6.

B6 can help you deal with stress, re­lieve breast ten­der­ness, and fluid re­ten­tion. Plus if you take the con­tra­cep­tive pill it’s a good idea to in­clude B6 in your sup­ple­ment regime. You would need at least 50mg in your sup­ple­ment.

Mag­ne­sium can help you bal­ance blood sugar lev­els which can be a cause of those sugar crav­ings at the time of the month. It will also help with stom­ach cramps and ten­sion headaches.

You may need to add a hor­mone bal­anc­ing sup­ple­ment for a cou­ple of months. There are many to choose from. Maca is an in­ter­est­ing one to con­sider. It can help to im­prove phys­i­cal well-be­ing, and con­tains nu­tri­ents like cal­cium, mag­ne­sium, iron, and pro­tein. It can be used at any stage of a woman’s life. It helps im­prove li­bido for both men and women. How­ever, Maca has also been re­ported to im­prove fer­til­ity, so be warned.

A.Vo­gel Agnus Cas­tus, pic­tured right, is a rem­edy that I sug­gest when the main symp­toms are ir­ri­tabil­ity, anger, frus­tra­tion, painful pe­ri­ods, and skin break­outs – es­pe­cially around the chin. Many women with these symp­toms have found it bril­liant. It’s also used to help with en­dometrio­sis.

Diet, life­style, ad­e­quate sleep and ex­er­cise all play an im­por­tant part in hav­ing healthy hor­mones. Call in to your lo­cal health store for fur­ther ad­vice and in­for­ma­tion.

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