Can you name 10 things that you’ve done that your friends haven’t?

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IN the 18 years I’ve been writ­ing this col­umn, I’ve never once been stuck for some­thing to write about. I’m sure there have been weeks when peo­ple have read it and said, ‘what is she go­ing on about? or ‘what a load of drivel’ but I’ve al­ways had some­thing I’ve wanted to get off my chest.

Ex­cept for this week. For some strange rea­son. I have noth­ing to say. So, due to lack of col­umn fod­der I’ve de­cided to bor­row an idea from face­book. The idea be­ing that you have to write ten things that you’ve done that none of your friends have done. In­dulge me. It’s a slow week as I said!

1. I once judged a beauty con­test with the late great Gerry Ryan. We got plas­tered, him on whiskey, me on Smirnoff Ice and we were even­tu­ally thrown out of afore­men­tioned night­club.

2. Char­lie Haughey flirted with me in a pub in En­nis­cor­thy in the 90’s when he came to visit and I was a young cub re­porter. He held my hand for a few sec­onds too long and asked me what my name was and where was I from. I was to­tally smit­ten.

3. My­self and my friend went on a hol­i­day to the Ca­naries when we were in our early twen­ties and pre­tended we were un­der­cover re­porters for the Sun­day

World do­ing an ex­pose on the crim­i­nal un­der­world.

We were lucky we weren’t killed!

4. As a teenager I was ob­sessed with U2 and used to write to Bono’s dad every sin­gle week ask­ing him could he pos­si­bly ar­range a meet­ing with his son! The poor man oc­ca­sion­ally wrote back to me to try and get me off his back but this only en­cour­aged me to keep go­ing!

5. I starred in the first ever video Cry Be­fore

Dawn made, (this one prob­a­bly isn’t le­git­i­mate be­cause half the town starred in it!). The ev­i­dence is on youtube.

6. I was sent to in­ter­view Gerry Adams in a lo­cal ho­tel quite a few years ago. It was his birth­day and I asked him would he like to have a drink. He turned me down and said he didn’t drink! Talk about hu­mil­i­a­tion.

7. I made my Amer­i­can tele­vi­sion de­but this year, flog­ging rugs on QVC. I will be mak­ing my sec­ond ap­pear­ance in Septem­ber for their Rose of Tralee sale. Yes there are many strings to my bow.

8. In the early days of my mar­riage I washed out a chicken with fairy liq­uid be­fore I cooked it, be­cause I thought that’s what you were sup­posed to do. There were bub­bles in the stuffing.

9. I have had a cup of tea with Princes Charles and Camilla. I wasn’t al­lowed talk to them, just sit qui­etly and drink my tea. It was a mir­a­cle of mod­ern times that I man­aged it.

10. I once judged a black pud­ding con­test with Myr­tle Allen and Biddy White Len­non, and made my­self sick by eat­ing ALL of the pud­dings in­stead of a bite of each.

See? I’ve lived dan­ger­ously!


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