Bray People - - ENTERTAINMENT -

A wound-up Josh is back on a trou­ble­some path when he takes Eric’s shotgun.

Af­ter some teas­ing from Jamie and his gang, it’s not long be­fore the gun has been fired and the po­lice are called – leav­ing Ja­cob fac­ing a tough dilemma.

Mean­while, Aaron tells Robert that he wants a word in pri­vate. Else­where, Adam con­fronts a friend.

Ja­cob is im­pli­cated in the gun fire, but he re­fuses to lay blame on Josh.

With Ja­cob and Josh now both in trou­ble with the po­lice, could the pres­sure get too much for Ja­cob?

Mean­while, Leyla is puz­zled.

Else­where, Vic­to­ria con­fides in Diane that she still has feel­ings for Adam, but can never for­give him.

Also, Rhona re­alises that her re­cov­ery has a long way still to go.

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