7 ways the tablet trumps the lap­top SAM­SUNG GALAXY TAB S

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Choos­ing be­tween a lap­top or tablet is not easy. Both de­vices bring some­thing sig­nif­i­cant to the party. And ul­ti­mately, your de­ci­sion to in­vest in one over the other will be coloured by what ex­actly you have in mind. Work or play? So­cial me­dia or video edit­ing?

And while the tried and tested lap­top re­mains king in terms of power, stor­age and gam­ing, here are seven cat­e­gories in which the tablet trounces the com­pe­ti­tion!


Tablets are cheaper than lap­tops. In the most ex­treme cases, lap­tops can be up to ten times

the cost of a tablet. But tak­ing even a de­cent model tablet and a rea­son­ably priced lap­top, the lat­ter re­mains al­most three times the price of its lit­tle touch­screen sis­ter. Case in point, you could get a very de­cent tablet, such as the Sam­sung Tab S 8.4-inch for € 399. Do you

re­ally think you could find a half­way de­cent lap­top for this price?


While the com­bi­na­tion of mouse and key­board is time­less, the touch­screen model is truly in­tu­itive. Ideal for novices and new­com­ers, swip­ing be­tween pages, pinch­ing im­ages and web­pages or even just tap­ping on the apps you want to launch, nav­i­gat­ing a tablet re­mains a re­ward­ingly nat­u­ral ex­pe­ri­ence.


While the stan­dard lap­top strug­gles to live on with­out its power ca­ble for

a cou­ple of hours, any tablet worth its salt will give a full day’s worth of com­put­ing on a sin­gle charge. And we don’t just mean a work­ing day ei­ther. Even run­ning power hun­gry apps, the av­er­age tablet will keep go­ing from

seven in the morn­ing un­til at least seven at night!


Both lap­tops and tablets de­pend upon soft­ware to re­main rel­e­vant, to re­main use­ful. But while PC grade soft­ware could set you back the bet­ter part of a grand, most tablet apps are free. Sure enough, cer­tain pre­mium apps fall into the € 5-€15 price bracket, but that’s still or­ders

of mag­ni­tude cheaper than lap­top soft­ware!

One of the new­est tablets on the mar­ket is the stun­ning Galaxy Tab S from Sam­sung, which is the thinnest and light­est tablet that the com­pany has re­leased. It comes in 8.4- and 10.5-inch va­ri­eties, and both have a Su­per AMOLED screen to show off con­tent su­perbly. It has in­ter­nal specs that im­press, in­clud­ing 3GB RAM, and 16GB of stor­age, which can be ex­panded fur­ther with a mi­croSD card, so you’ll have plenty of stor­age space for apps, me­dia and files. It is a fan­tas­tic tablet and it’s now avail­able in Ti­ta­nium Bronze or Daz­zling White from Car­phone Ware­house.


While lap­tops are de­signed to be por­ta­ble, eas­ily trans­ported within a case or back­pack, they can only re­ally be used when sta­tion­ary. Con­versely, the tablet is truly mo­bile. As a rule, they’re slight enough to be car­ried in one hand and in­tu­itive enough to be op­er­ated with a sin­gle digit. Their ver­sa­til­ity on the move closer ri­vals a Smart­phone than a lap­top.


Given that apps from both Win­dows and Ap­ple must be pur­chased from their own of­fi­cially des­ig­nated store, the first party na­ture of tablet apps greatly re­duces the risk of mal­ware. And while An­droid is an open plat­form, and the pos­si­bil­ity of viruses ex­ists, the re­al­ity is pre­cious few man­age to do any dam­age. In ad­di­tion, there are lit­er­ally hun­dreds of anti-virus apps avail­able for down­load, free of charge.


Credit where it’s due, Lap­tops are gen­uinely ex­cel­lent me­dia ma­chines. But tablets still have the edge on them. While it can be a night­mare to find a com­fort­able, glare-free po­si­tion to place your lap­top for a few hours of tele­vi­sual de­light, in the case of a tablet, you need only move it as close to your face as is needed. They’re that light. They’re that con­ve­nient.


SOFT­WARE : €199.99 (SAVE €50) > SAM­SUNG GALAXY TAB S 8.4”: €399

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