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A game based around sling­ing squids across the screen may not sound all that im­pres­sive but Squid Odyssey is a sur­pris­ingly ad­dic­tive ti­tle that’ll keep you com­ing back for more..

An RPG of sorts, fea­tur­ing turn-based com­bat and a sur­pris­ing amount of di­a­logue and nar­ra­tive, Squids Odyssey of­fers Wii U and 3DS own­ers a to­tally unique ex­pe­ri­ence.

The nar­ra­tive isn’t weighty but it’s ex­e­cuted well and draws you into the squiddy strug­gle to save their homes from dodgy goo. The game it­self con­sists of sev­eral me­chan­ics, fore­most squid­fling­ing. You’ll choose the strength and di­rec­tion as you get around the screen, col­lect things and get into the odd fight or two.

Each of the squids has its own spe­cial abil­ity and some are more use­ful than oth­ers. Like other turn-based games, you’ll move each mem­ber of your squad individually be­fore your en­e­mies have their chance to move into po­si­tion or at­tack.

As you progress, new squids will join your squad, al­low­ing you to as­sem­ble an army wor­thy of van­quish­ing your foe and re­claim­ing your king­dom. To make your squids even more ef­fec­tive on the bat­tle­field, you’ll be able to spend the pearls you col­lect through­out on new hats to in­crease their sta­tis­tics or boost your spe­cial moves. And to add even more silli­ness.

Ul­ti­mately, al­most ev­ery­thing here works far bet­ter than it sounds on pa­per even if the menus are a lit­tle unin­spired. And you’ll spend a lot of time in them, work­ing your way through in order to sort your ros­ter, spend your pearls or just wade through the di­a­logue, but that’s a mi­nor enough quib­ble.

The fact is that, for a game that could have been dull and unin­spired, Squids Odyssey is ac­tu­ally pretty fan­tas­tic. If you like your games as nuts as they are colour­ful then this will be right up your al­ley, and with so much to do, so many 3-star scores to rack up and an abun­dance of hats to kit your squids out in, this goes well be­yond the re­mit of a $14.99 dig­i­tal ti­tle. It’s as awe­some as it is crazy, and it’s VERY crazy.

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