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Once you have your wire­less router phys­i­cally set up, the first thing you’ll want to do is add a pass­word. To do so, con­nect a com­puter to one of your router’s Eth­er­net ports and then en­ter the IP ad­dress of your router’s ad­min­is­tra­tion in­ter­face into your browser ad­dress bar. You can find this ad­dress in the router’s man­ual or some­times via a quick Google search. En­ter the de­fault ad­min name and pass­word for your spe­cific router. Then head to the Ad­min page and set your own pass­word.

You can down­load apps to re­strict con­tent on in­di­vid­ual de­vices, but there’s a chance that your child may work out how to by­pass this. A more se­cure way of block­ing web­sites is to block them through your router. This then blocks the web­site on all de­vices that con­nect via your home net­work. Again, you’ll need to visit your router’s de­fault ad­dress.

Ev­ery router is dif­fer­ent, but what you are look­ing for is prob­a­bly listed un­der a “Se­cu­rity”, “Parental con­trol”, “Fire­wall” tab or but­ton. Some routers al­low you to fil­ter spe­cific URLs, many

A home Wi-Fi net­work is an in­valu­able tool for those back at school, ei­ther for the ed­u­ca­tional re­sources it pro­vides or for some hard-earned entertainment. Nat­u­rally, you’ll want to keep your kids safe from some of the less suit­able ma­te­rial that’s on­line.

give you ac­cess to parental con­trols, which can be used to block web­sites and set spe­cific times when the in­ter­net can be ac­cess; and most routers pro­vide a gen­eral cat­e­gor­i­cal fil­ter.

Then you can con­nect your child’s de­vice to your home Wi-Fi, safe in the knowl­edge that in­ap­pro­pri­ate con­tent has been re­stricted as you deemed fit. Smart­phones and tablets can con­nect eas­ily, but de­vices like con­soles will have to be ap­proved via the router ad­min page.

If some­thing goes awry, there’s no need to panic. Look at the back of the router for a re­set but­ton. You’ll usu­ally need a pin for this, but sim­ply hold down the but­ton for 10 sec­onds to re­store fac­tory de­faults. With a clean slate, you can start cus­tomis­ing your set­tings and pref­er­ences once more.

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