‘My ex­pe­ri­ence of Bo­tox’

KATE HOLMQUIST has gone un­der the nee­dle

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I’ve had Bo­tox in­jec­tions – more than once. And I’d have them again, al­though it’s been a few years since I’ve pam­pered my­self with a treat­ment, and age­ing grace­fully is cheaper.

The irony of Bo­tox – Al­ler­gan’s trade­name for Bo­tulinum Toxin A – is that it’s the most lethal poi­son known to man, but when in­jected into mus­cle its ef­fect is com­pletely be­nign. I wanted a nat­u­ral look – not the frozen face of a Ni­cole Kid­man or a Des­per­ate House­wife – and that’s ex­actly what I got.

The doc­tor had an artis­tic eye and ef­fec­tively re-shaped my eye­brows sub­tly to make my eyes look more open.

Peo­ple told me that I looked “very calm”, even un­der pres­sure, but I still had move­ment and ex­pres­sion around my eyes.

It was a bit of a power trip, ac­tu­ally, be­ing bet­ter able to hide con­cern or anger with a ve­neer of pre­pos­ses­sion.

Yes, the in­jec­tions hurt – but only for a few sec­onds. There was the tini­est amount of blood – just a few specks where the nee­dle went in. And within three min­utes, there was no ev­i­dence at all that I’d been in­jected.

A few hours later, I went out for din­ner with friends who didn’t no­tice any­thing dif­fer­ent about my face. It took five days for the Bo­tox to take ef­fect and when it did, peo­ple said I looked well, but no one ever copped on as to the rea­son why . . . un­til now.

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