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Gemini May 22 – June 21

If va­ri­ety is the spice of life, then your life is spicy in­deed this week. It is easy enough to fall into en­joy­able mo­ments, both planned and spon­ta­neous. A part­ner shows a side that is fun and stim­u­lat­ing. This shows that it is of­ten the qui­eter folk who have hid­den depths! Bring to­gether friends you have not seen for some time. Your Luck: Are you about to ask an im­por­tant ques­tion? Ex­cite­ment in­deed!

Libra Septem­ber 24 – Oc­to­ber 23

In an artis­tic and sen­su­ous week, Libra, you will want to share. Those who feel the need for hu­man con­tact can also book in for a foot mas­sage or give a close friend the job in­stead. Walk­ing in the coun­try­side is some­thing that will al­ways please and re­lax you and it’s free! You try to make your sur­round­ings per­fect with scents, colour and com­pany. What more could you want? Your Luck: Yoga in the gar­den or danc­ing in the dark, any­one?

Aquarius Jan­uary 21 – Fe­bru­ary 19

Al­ways up for some­thing new, this week proves no dif­fer­ent. Gad­gets and toys vie with some se­ri­ous work to keep that all-im­por­tant bal­ance. No, you are not eas­ily bored sim­ply be­cause you have such an ac­tive mind. Even so, re­mem­ber to stop and chat once in a while! Take a step side­ways at the week­end and do some­thing en­tirely dif­fer­ent. If it doesn’t in­volve com­put­ers or phones, so much the bet­ter. Your Luck: Get out and smell the roses.

Cancer June 22 – July 22

With a strong fam­ily theme to the week you will be get­ting in touch with them and your mates as well. What are you plot­ting? The one thing that al­ways floats your boat - a good old get-to­gether! No mat­ter how large or small the gath­er­ing, you can re­ally show your love for oth­ers. Just be­ing your­self brings all the plea­sure you could de­sire. En­joy this time of unity and com­pas­sion. Your Luck: With that sparkling per­son­al­ity, how can you go wrong?

Scorpio Oc­to­ber 24 – Novem­ber 22

With a sharp mind and some ‘get up and go’, this week keeps you busy! As you so love solv­ing prob­lems, look around for folk to help and mys­ter­ies to in­trigue. Some­times a chal­lenge to keep en­thu­si­as­tic, your part­ner will cer­tainly do their best to keep up. In­volv­ing a loved one in some kind of ad­ven­ture makes you both happy. Your Luck: Be it a crossword puz­zle or a jun­gle safari, it will bring you closer to­gether in a unique way.

Pisces Fe­bru­ary 20 – March 20

A gen­tle week which may be some­what at odds with most of your mates. En­joy­ing the softer, finer things in life can be what floats your boat any­way. Take your­self near wa­ter and fresh air, es­pe­cially at the week­end. Just breathe in the per­fumes and sounds that drift through your spirit. Re­lax­ation should be your aim and even those who have to work can find quiet mo­ments. Your Luck: Qual­ity of life is what is im­por­tant for you right now, as al­ways.

Leo July 23 – Au­gust 23

So­cially, this one of the best times of the year. At your charm­ing best, there seems no limit to the smiles that you share. Most of this fun is be­cause the love of par­ty­ing never wanes with you! Bound­less en­ergy helps, but this week sees the chance of some­one special shin­ing along with you. There is a ques­tion or an of­fer on the tip of your tongue this week. Your Luck: Get­ting the tim­ing right is im­por­tant to you, so con­sider care­fully when to speak.

Sagittarius Novem­ber 23 – De­cem­ber 21

You can’t bear be­ing bored, so this week could be a time to look for those ex­cit­ing new in­ter­ests. The ones that give the most stim­u­la­tion are usu­ally done alone. To make sure a loved one does not feel left out, why not ar­range some­thing special for them, too? Do­ing things for your­self and on the other hand, shar­ing, can be tricky. Your Luck: Find out what oth­ers are re­ally into and be sure to please.

Aries March 21 – April 20

A truly happy Aries is one who has some­thing ex­cit­ing to look for­ward to. Be­ing in­volved with oth­ers only serves to boost en­thu­si­asm. No­body could find you bor­ing. Even so, ro­man­tic mo­ments are of­ten best in a quiet place with the right at­mos­phere. Plan­ning ahead means that you can be more in con­trol. Lovely and lov­ing mo­ments can be com­pletely spon­ta­neous! Your Luck: A bit of a get-to­gether at the week­end is es­pe­cially en­joy­able.

Virgo Au­gust 24 – Septem­ber 23

There is so much go­ing on at the mo­ment that get­ting or­gan­ised is first on your ‘to do’ list. Does ev­ery­one seem to be look­ing to you to get things mov­ing? Noth­ing new there, then! Even so, get that list go­ing and it will make life so much eas­ier. Busy? Yes, but even so, look af­ter your health. Quick snacks and drinks could sab­o­tage both en­ergy and bright­ness. Your Luck: Self-care and wa­ter are your friends. Just take the time.

Capricorn De­cem­ber 22 – Jan­uary 20

A fun-filled week can only be achieved if you let oth­ers do the work. Fed up with al­ways hav­ing to be the leader? Say so and chal­lenge some­one else to take the reins. The most fun is to be had with very lit­tle for­ward plan­ning and a lot of imag­i­na­tion. Stay flex­i­ble when it comes to venue. This is a time when longterm mem­o­ries are formed and long-term friend­ships also. Your Luck: Be­ing your­self has never been so much fun.

April 21 – May 21

The love that you have of be­ing stim­u­lated phys­i­cally and men­tally comes to a peak this week. Book­ing up for con­certs or ar­rang­ing bar­be­cues gets the mood right. Lovers find silent and sen­su­ous mo­ments ir­re­sistible and of­ten. Why would you want to do any­thing but en­joy your­self? Plan­ning some­thing dif­fer­ent for a hol­i­day to­gether brings the thrill of the un­known. Your Luck: Shar­ing brings added de­lights, es­pe­cially at the week­end.


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