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1. Which fe­male vo­cal­ist had a num­ber one hit in 1988 with I Think We’re Alone Now? A. Mar­tine, B. Tif­fany, C. Kylie, D. Cher. 2. Which term de­scribes a stock and share mar­ket in which there is a con­tin­u­ing down­ward move­ment in prices? A. Bear mar­ket, B. Flea mar­ket, C. Snake mar­ket, D. Cat mar­ket. 3. What is the long­est river in the USA? A. Colorado, B. St Lawrence, C. Mis­souri, D. Mis­sis­sippi. 4. The name of which ex­trem­ists of the French Revo­lu­tion means “without knee breeches”? A. Sans-cu­lottes, B. Sans-pan­talons, C. Sans-soleils, D. Sans-roulettes. 5. In which Swiss city was the Bank for In­ter­na­tional Set­tle­ments es­tab­lished in 1929? A. Basel, B. Zurich, C. Lau­sanne, D. Bern. 6. What sort of crea­ture is a fly­ing fox? A. A fox, B. A bird, C. A bat, D. A squirrel. 7. The par­lia­ment of which is­land is called the Court of Tyn­wald? A. Isle of Wight, B. Guernsey, C. Jersey, D. Isle of Man. 8. Who was pres­i­dent of the Transvaal from 1883? A. Paul Bal­four, B. Paul Kruger, C. Paul Jame­son, D. Paul Or­ange.

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