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Peo­ple are go­ing to be study­ing the footage of Beatty and Du­n­away be­fore they an­nounced La La Land like the fuck­ing Zapruder film.


To the poor bloke who de­liv­ered the wrong en­ve­lope at the Os­cars – don’t worry fella, with those skills you’ve a job for life at Royal Mail


Haven’t watched the Os­cars in... uh, thirty years? But I was glad to hear that Moon­light won. What an amaz­ing film!


Fol­low­ing Os­cars Best Pic­ture mix-up, the Academy thanks La La Land pro­duc­ers for not mak­ing a song and dance about it.


La La Land clearly won the pop­u­lar vote but Moon­light won the Elec­toral Col­lege and wins


I am be­yond thrilled that Moon­light won Best Pic­ture – I knew in my heart La La Land was over-rated, and Hol­ly­wood agrees


Piece of ad­vice to my fu­ture kids: han­dle life the way @je­horowitz han­dles hav­ing his Best Pic­ture Os­car taken away on live tele­vi­sion

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