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I went to Am­s­ter­dam for my birth­day and fell in love with it. I was stay­ing pretty close to the city, and the trans­port is great. I also went to this club, Melk­weg, which was a re­ally packed, su­per pop­u­lar place. It’s a big arts hub as well, with a live venue and ev­ery­thing.

You’ve got to check it out if you’re ever in Am­s­ter­dam. That’s one of the places I was sure to hit up the first time I went, which was last year, around my birth­day. Melk­weg was one of the best times I’ve had, and the nightlife in gen­eral is amaz­ing.

And yes, we did in­dulge in “the plant”, be­cause it’s hon­estly ev­ery­where – it would be harder to avoid it. You’d go to a cof­fee shop and they’d have it in ev­ery­thing, but it wasn’t even a big deal; all the places were re­ally chill. I sup­pose they bet­ter be, at that point.

It’s ac­tu­ally in­ter­est­ing, look­ing around, it’s re­ally mostly tourists who are tak­ing part in that. The lo­cals all just smoke cig­a­rettes, so while it is part of the cul­ture there, it’s not ex­actly what you’d be look­ing for if you re­ally want to live like a lo­cal.

I’d al­ways wanted to go, so I checked it off the list for my last birth­day. It’s com­ing up again next week, and I’d love to go again. It was the best birth­day trip I’ve ever had. I’ve no plans to go again this year, un­less any­one wants to take me for a birth­day sur­prise. Just say­ing!

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