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Af­ter Eve ƢƧƝƞƩƞƧƝƞƧƭ

'riven by a beau­ti­ful and im­pas­sioned bari­tone vo­cal cour­tesy of front­man Brian Mc1a­mara, this is a per­fectly-weighted indie rock song that swells the heart thanks to some sub­lime strings. 7elling the tale of Adam af­ter his ban­ish­ment from (den, fans of the :ater­boys and :ilco will adore this or­ches­tral flavoured gem. KATY PERRY FEAT. SKIP MAR­LEY

Chained To The Rhythm ƜƚƩƢƭƨƥ ƫƞƜƨƫƝƬ

1ot Tuite the out-and-out banger that we’ve come to e[pect from the ŏ&al­i­for­nia *urlŐ, nor the much talked about acous­tic-based di­rec­tion she’s been promis­ing for a while, this is an odd choice for a come­back sin­gle. 2nce again re-team­ing with bona fide hit ma­chines Ma[ Martin and 6ia, its fu­sion of -amaican dance­hall and ’ s disco works well, as do the vo­cal tricks and hooks. +ow­ever, it lacks the spark of Ō)ire­work’.

6till, the politi­cised lyrics are a more than wel­come ad­di­tion and the sub­tle cho­rus im­presses with re­peated spins. MA­CHINE GUN KELLY FEAT. CAMILA CABELLO

Bad Things ƮƧƢƯƞƫƬƚƥ )ea­tur­ing an in­ter­po­la­tion of )ast­ball’s Ō sin­gle Ō2ut 2f My +ead’, this team-up is a pretty brain­less af­fair. &rammed with over­cooked vo­cals from the for­mer )ifth +ar­mony mem­ber and a dis­in­ter­ested per­for­mance from the rap­per,

ŌBad 7hings’ is aptly named as it’s a te­dious lis­ten at best. At worst, it could pro­vide the sound­track of both artists’ Mour­ney to ob­scu­rity. :e re­ally e[pected much bet­ter from Ms &abello.


Rev­erend ƫƜƚ ƫƞƜƨƫƝƬ

(ven the most fer­vent fan of the 1ashville act would ad­mit that each record since Aha Shake Heart­break has seen di­min­ish­ing re­turns, cre­atively speak­ing. :hile the )ol­low­ills haven’t Tuite man­aged to re­cap­ture the magic they had on ear­lier ma­te­rial, their form as a sin­gles band is still strong. Ō5ev­erend’ con­tin­ues their win­ning streak and is full of soar­ing vo­cals, howled hooks and pow­er­ful dy­nam­ics. ,t will be a sta­ple of both their set and ra­dio playlists for a long time. 7he open­ing and clos­ing Buddy +olly gui­tar tone is worth the price of ad­mis­sion alone.


If This Is Love self re­leased 2ne of Belfast’s most imag­i­na­tive tune­smiths, rap­per Bee Mick 6ee is cur­rently enMoy­ing life col­lab­o­rat­ing with the great and good of the north. 7his lat­est proMect sees him pool cre­ative re­sources with Beauty 6leep’s 5yan Mc*roarty. Boast­ing ra­zor-sharp, lovelorn lyrics and a sug­ary, 1ew 2rder-es­Tue hook, e[-:on­der 9il­lains singer and also cur­rent Beauty 6leep mem­ber &hey­lene Mur­phy also lends vo­cals and key­boards parts. ,t helps make this one of the best indie-pop songs you’ll hear all year.


Noc­turne ơƞƚƯƞƧƥƲ ƫƞƜƨƫƝƢƧƠƬ Lifted from lat­est al­bum, Gar­goyle, this is a suit­ably gloomy and ghoul­ish lis­ten­ing e[pe­ri­ence from the for­mer 6cream­ing 7rees man. ,nformed by goth and post-punk, Lane­gan’s bour­bon-soaked bel­low is as into[icat­ing as ever. 7he ad­di­tion of synths and loops gives the song a cin­e­matic flavour.


Go To Work ƟƢƟƚ ƫƞƜƨƫƝƬ

Both twisted lul­laby and cau­tion­ary tale on the per­ils of what hap­pens when it’s all work and no play, Au­gust :ells’ lat­est sin­gle is their catchi­est yet. 3iano and flute-based, there’s a bit of Bea­tles in the song’s '1A as .en *rif­fin croons warns, “And none of your words of wis­dom can pro­tect him from the ter­ror of Mon­day morn­ing”

over the shuf­fling beat. Both mes­meris­ing and men­ac­ing, Ō*o 7o :ork’ may be their finest hour to date.


John Wayne ƮƧƢƯƞƫƬƚƥ

)resh from her heroic per­for­mance at this year’s 6uper Bowl, Mother Mon­ster con­tin­ues to re­build her ca­reer with this sturdy pop-rock stom­per. &o-writ­ten with Mark 5on­son, Blood­3op and .yuss 4276A man -osh +omme, you can hear the tune­smiths’ fin­ger­prints all over the track. ,t’s a fre­netic of­fer­ing driven by wonky gui­tars and a de­li­ciously 277 vo­cal from Ms *er­man­otta. 1ot Tuite as in­spired as her early work but still an e[cit­ing ef­fort from the ever cre­ative star.


Give in­fec­tious ƯƢƫƠƢƧ

Af­ter mak­ing a de­cent dent in the (uro­pean rock scene with their tune­ful brand of ŏdon’t call it pop­punkŐ, the 6ur­rey Tuin­tet set their sights on crack­ing the 6tates with their fifth al­bum, Night Peo­ple.

Ō*ive’ is ac­tu­ally their first sin­gle to be re­leased in 1orth Amer­ica and is an enMoy­able enough mash-up of )all 2ut Boy and 6now 3atrol that will earn them plenty of ra­dio play. A lit­tle too mawk­ish for these ears, this mod­ern take on the power bal­lad will di­vide long-term fans.

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