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Fol­low­ing on from 2015’s widely ac­claimed Ro­mola, this is the se­cond al­bum from Ir­ish elec­tro pro­ducer/mu­si­cian Keith Man­nion (who records as Slow Place

Like Home). Writ­ten be­tween Knather Woods in his na­tive Ballyshan­non and the beaches of the Al­garve, When I See You…

Ice Cream! was recorded and pro­duced in its en­tirety in his bedroom stu­dio in Done­gal.

The ti­tle track is all beeps, clicks and squig­gles, but some of these songs and sound­scapes are gen­uinely soul­ful and up­lift­ing. Man­nion also has quite an ear for pop melodies and other tunes stick like bub­blegum (‘Of­fice Dancers’). There are lyrics, but they’re of­ten in­de­ci­pher­able and re­ally just there to serve the sound (“This tonic wa­ter is over­stated/How does it al­ter your con­ver­sa­tions?”). Ex­cep­tions in­clude se­cond sin­gle ‘Echoes’, which sees former Whip­ping Boy front­man Fearghal McKee croon­ing bril­liantly: “You re­call the ris­ing of our tide?/You re­call/From the small hours by your

side/ You re­call”.

Some songs here you could ac­tu­ally dance to, oth­ers are more for spac­ing out, but there’s not a sin­gle dud in this col­lec­tion. This is sweet-tast­ing ice cream in­deed… with sonic sprin­kles.

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SLOW PLACE LIKE HOME When I See You… Ice-Cream! STRANGE BREW REKKIDS ‘Cooper Ki­netic’ 8/10

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