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Retro fit

For­get about Pok­er­non GO or Candy Crush, Snake has come slith­er­ing back into our lives. Three are launch­ing the ul­ti­mate in retro plea­sure: the Nokia 3310 3G, a de­vice that takes the smart out of smart­phone, but has Snake on­board. Built with 3G con­nec-tiv­ity, it's not as prim­i­tive as you might imag­ine. There's in­ter­net con­nec­tiv­ity, so you can check news, maps and so­cial me­dia up­dates. It's avail­able on pre­pay for just €69.99. For a lim­ited time, there's €120 free credit for any­one who pur­chases the Nokia 3310 3G and switches to Three pre­pay.

Aliens have landed

Masters of gam­ing lap­tops, Dell’s In­sp­iron 15 7000 fea­tures a IPS 4K UHD dis­play, so you’ll be dodg­ing bul­lets in your bedroom as Call Of Duty un­leashes its ar­se­nal. But the jewel in Dell’s crown re­mains Alien­ware PCs, a lap/desk­top se­ries de­signed for gam­ing glory. New Alien­ware Area-51 Desk­tops are geared to de­liver the best ex­pe­ri­ences in 4K, 8K and vir­tual re­al­ity. Area-51 Thread­rip­per Edi­tion, Alien­ware’s first 16-core pro­ces­sor desk­top, is the pin­na­cle of PC gam­ing. Alien­ware 15 and 17 Lap­tops, which fea­ture eye-track­ing tech­nol­ogy, are frankly ex­tra-ter­res­trial. Two from Three Three dips its toe into own-brand smart­phones with the 3Prism and 3Pris­mHD. Sport­ing 8GB of in­ter­nal mem­ory, which can be ex­panded to 32GB ex­ter-nal mem­ory, these en­try-level An­droids have all the essentials: cam­era with LED flash to the front and back, Blue­tooth and FM Ra-dio, and 4G abil­i­ties. 3Prism costs €89.99; its HD brother is €99.99.


HP breaks all the rules with its new port­fo­lio of Spec­tres. De-spite be­ing the world's thinnest lap­top, there's plenty of fill­ing in the Spec­tre sand­wich. This lap­top dishes up a 4K dis­play and more pro­cess­ing power than Cape Canaveral, due to its In­tel i5 and i7 pro­cess­ing chips, 11.5 hours of bat­tery life, and su­per­nat­u­rally loud au­dio. The x360 breaks records on ac­count of its bat­tery life: 16.5 hours, sup­pos­edly. It car­ries 4K, i5 and i7 pro­ces­sors, and a Win­dows Ink Cer­ti­fied pen for bud­ding de­sign­ers.

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