54. Brenda Fricker


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I don’t suf­fer from de­pres­sion any more. I did for 50 years and then – hav­ing tried ev­ery com­bi­na­tion of med­i­ca­tion and hav­ing spent enough on psy­chi­a­trists to buy three houses on Lee­son Street – I found a won­der­ful cure, if you like that word. I found this guy who has a treat­ment he does with Mozart mu­sic. It’s quite amaz­ing. It takes three months – you lis­ten to Mozart for two hours ev­ery morn­ing for a week, then you have a break of about a month. Then, you go back and you lis­ten to Mozart again ev­ery morn­ing for two hours for about a week or ten days. You lie down dur­ing it and go to sleep af­ter that. And then you have three weeks off, or some­thing, and you go back and you wake up cured. It is an ex­tra­or­di­nary thing. Fifty years of your life bat­tling with this devil ev­ery day and sud­denly it’s gone. In the old days you would call it a mir­a­cle. You see the world with clear eyes for the first time; you can walk down the street with­out be­ing ter­ri­fied; you can think clearly. It’s won­der­ful.

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