58. Jinx Len­non


Hot Press - - 100 Voices On Mental Health -

I think it’s healthy to un­der­stand that there is a bit of mad­ness in ev­ery hu­man be­ing. I think that’s a good bul­wark against go­ing com­pletely in­sane. I do not trust any­one who says they have com­plete san­ity. Ire­land has a Vic­to­rian at­ti­tude to­wards men­tally dis­turbed peo­ple. God help you if you have se­vere men­tal prob­lems in this coun­try.

I’m in­ter­ested in where cre­ativ­ity and men­tal ill­ness meet. We live in a land where tablets get thrown at men­tal pa­tients to no avail. I would en­cour­age peo­ple to heal them­selves and de­velop self-be­lief through lyric and song, and write and com­pose about how screwed up they feel. There are some truly de­mented sound­ing peo­ple in Ir­ish mu­sic now and Ir­ish mu­sic is bet­ter for it. I do not call these peo­ple in­sane, but they are pre­pared to loosen up a bit and let the raw feel­ing out.

| r|,WPKQT $TQVJGT chan­nels the sound of a man about to lose his mind and be­cause he is a bril­liant gui­tar player, it bal­ances it out and makes it into some­thing life af­firm­ing.

| r|2QUV 2WPM 2QFIG CPF VJG 6GEJPQJKRRKGU – the sound of peo­ple get­ting the demons out of their souls never sounded as much fun.

| r|)KTN $CPF’s last al­bum is the con­trast be­tween a re­ally hot band and a singer who sounds like he’s work­ing out his psy­cho­log­i­cal disor­ders in front of you and it’s very pow­er­ful.

r %CRVCKP /QQPNKIJV, the Kilkenny rap­per is an­other brave lyri­cist: his songs like ‘OCD’ from his sec­ond al­bum give you a full pic­ture of the disorder at hand.

| r|5[F $CTTGVV – the orig­i­nal Pink Floyd singer – his songs are dis­turb­ing and and beau­ti­ful too, and yet it’s all too clear he was head­ing into a dark hole of no re­turn. But we are richer by far for that. We need more of it.

There’s still a sleveen men­tal­ity that seeps through all the arts in Ire­land that needs to loosen up a bit and let the hu­man­ity out. “Ev­ery­one has a men­tal home in­side their head,” as my for­mer stage part­ner /KUU 2CWNC Flynn once wisely said…

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