68. Thomas Walsh


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:s a com­poser(mu­si­cian, Iʼve had my share of de­pres­sion. Euck­ily for me, I got help, af­ter find­ing a great doc­tor who un­der­stood the pro­found in­tri­ca­cies the mind plays when one is de­pressed.

I be­lieve the road to re­cov­ery is your doc­tor, but you have to find the right one. Nn­for­tu­nately in Ire­land, un­less you find the right doc­tor, you can be sent from A to Z and back again, and again, and again. Thatʼs the rea­son I be­lieve we have so many sui­cides with our young and older men and women. The only road to re­cov­ery is talk­ing. To do that, you need a per­son who can unite with you and com­pre­hend the sit­u­a­tion you are in.

I was un­lucky for a few years, un­til I found the lis­tener which was my new doc­tor. Can you imag­ine be­ing sent to a psy­chi­a­trist and then sent back to your doc­tor for med­i­ca­tion. The next time you see the psy­chi­a­trist is maybe in a month if youʼre lucky, and more than likely itʼll be a dif­fer­ent one, un­less you can af­ford to pay for one. Help is ur­gent in all types of de­pres­sion.

Med­i­ca­tion and cog­ni­tive ther­apy is a great help, but talk­ing above all else is the an­swer. Be­ing in bed alone eats you up men­tally. You must leave the bed, go for walks with some­one, get a dog, join a club, learn an in­stru­ment. Yes, when you do some­thing like this, you will be meet­ing and talk­ing with some­one. Above all, join some type of club – or sim­ply put, get your­self a hobby.

It wonʼt be easy, but when you get go­ing you will be a new per­son. Donʼt be afraid to tell your new friends you have men­tal health is­sues, as that is part of the so­lu­tion. I find mu­sic a tremen­dous help, as youʼre out play­ing and en­joy­ing your­self with oth­ers, who more than likely have also suf­fered from de­pres­sion.

I love com­pos­ing mu­sic and peo­ple have told me they lis­ten to my mu­sic to re­lax, which is nice to hear. Find mu­sic to play that suits you and if you play an in­stru­ment, keep learn­ing new songs or tunes. Ilease, please donʼt give up, as life will once again be won­der­ful once you get the right doc­tor.

:nd donʼt for­get, talk talk talk. Rour loved ones are only too happy to help you.

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