71. James Smith Gyp­sies On The Au­to­bahn

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I spoke out re­cently in front of a group of peo­ple, with my fam­ily in at­ten­dance, hop­ing to give some­one a glimpse of hope within some hope­less­ness, and spent the whole day in fear I had fright­ened or wor­ried my loved ones.

A friend came to lend an ear and men­tioned that he could hear my pain em­bed­ded in the words I spoke and the songs I write. I thought about this and sim­pli­fied as much as I could for my­self. There is pain we let go of and pain we hold on to; and it’s not the pain we let go of that scares our fam­i­lies. It’s the lat­ter – the pain they don’t hear, that we etch on our skin and block­ade in our throats that wor­ries them.

So speak. Your fam­ily will hear you, like mine heard me, and it will lift some­thing from you like noth­ing else, if only for a mo­ment. But you can see life for what it is with­out the weight of the world forc­ing you to bend over and look at the dirt.

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