91. Shirley Man­son

Lead singer, Garbage

Hot Press - - 100 Voices On Mental Health -

“There are times when I see you talk­ing to other girls/ I feel in­se­cure/ and ev­ery time I see you walk­ing out/ I won­der if youʼre com­ing back to me” – ʻIf I Lost You'

I think hu­man be­ings are com­plex and weʼre not just one thing at one time. Thereʼs al­ways con­cur­rent driv­ers in a hu­man be­ing of any sub­stance. There are mo­ments in my life where I feel in­se­cure and cer­tainly that sud­den re­al­i­sa­tion that when you love some­body… just how vul­ner­a­ble that makes you. I guess If I Eost Rouʼ is a study of that re­al­i­sa­tion that when you fall in love, and you are com­mit­ted to that per­son and are se­ri­ous, youʼre putting your­self at peril in a way. Rour hap­pi­ness is in their hands. Thatʼs a weird, won­der­ful, hor­rific re­al­i­sa­tion – for me at least.

I donʼt com­part­men­talise my feel­ings a lot. >very­thing sort of swims around in the dark murky wa­ters of my psy­che, so I donʼt find it dif­fi­cult to tune into my emo­tions. When Iʼm in con­cert and Iʼm singing a song like that I can tap right into where I was when I was writ­ing it.

I think hu­man be­ings are com­plex and we’re not just one thing at one time.

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