95. Kenny Egan Olympic medal-win­ning boxer

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I had sui­ci­dal thoughts be­cause of al­co­hol. The depths of de­spair. The fear. The anx­i­ety. I was think­ing, Ce­sus <hrist Phy am I putting my­self through this8ʼ Then Iʼd get up out of bed, brush my teeth and go back out on the drink to make my­self more re­laxed again. It was like @round­hog =ay for a \ou­ple of weeks at a time. Nl­ti­mately, I said enoughʼs enough and juit.

It’s im­por­tant to talk about your strug­gles just as much as your tri­umphs – and find­ing the right per­son to lis­ten, no mat­ter how mi­nor or mas­sive your prob­lem is, is key! -Katie Laf­fan

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