99. James Ka­vanagh

So­cial me­dia per­son­al­ity/TV Pre­sen­ter

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About 14 years ago, I was very badly bul­lied from 1st to 3rd year in sec­ondary school, all for the crime of be­ing a gay in an all boys school. The bul­ly­ing was car­ried out mainly by one guy who had an ob­ses­sion with me and my sex­u­al­ity. I al­ways think heʼd be great at mar­ket­ing, as he was so cre­ative with the ways heʼd bully me each day he iut a lot o_ thought into it. Hne day in ,rd year, he at­temited to iass a sur­vey around my class ask­ing the jues­tion Aow @ay Is Cames8ʼ ruled beau­ti_ully and writ­ten with di__er­ent coloured iens. Hne o_ the guys in my class stopped him pass­ing it around. It was the first time some­one had ever stood ui _or me and !as dra­matic as it sounds" it comiletely changed my per­spec­tive on life. It took one per­son to break me for those three years, and cust one ier­son to make me, in that one act o_ kind­ness. Gever un­der­es­ti­mate the sim­plic­ity of kind ges­tures. Be nice to ab­so­lutely ev­ery­one you come across and you could, al­beit un­know­ingly, take them out of a dark place.

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