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The Food Medic TAKEN FROM by Dr Hazel Wal­lace,

These are some of the core foods that form the ba­sis of my reg­u­lar shop. They in­clude some of the best sources of each macronu­tri­ent re­quired for good nu­tri­tion (pro­teins, car­bo­hy­drates and fats: see my bal­anced plate model on pages 20-21). Note that plant-based pro­teins such as beans, lentils and tofu are a good source of amino acids but in­di­vid­u­ally are not ‘com­plete’ pro­tein sources. To en­sure you are ben­e­fit­ing from all the es­sen­tial amino acids, com­bine dif­fer­ent beans and pulses. The choice of fruit and veg­eta­bles is end­less and in terms of nu­tri­tion you can be as flex­i­ble and as cre­ative as you wish when adding these foods to your meals. One note of cau­tion: cer­tain fruits are very con­cen­trated forms of sugar, par­tic­u­larly dried fruit, ba­nanas and pineap­ple. If choos­ing these, be less gen­er­ous with your serv­ing. It’s easy to munch on a hand­ful of dried apri­cots but you would never sit and eat ten fresh apri­cots in one sit­ting. MEAT, POUL­TRY & FISH Free-range eggs Lean steak mince Free-range chicken breasts Chicken mince Grass-fed steaks Salmon fil­lets Smoked salmon Tuna Cod fil­lets DAIRY Greek yo­ghurt Feta Hal­loumi Quark Cot­tage cheese Whey/ca­sein pro­tein pow­der DAIRY-FREE AL­TER­NA­TIVES Co­conut yo­ghurt Unsweet­ened al­mond milk BEANS, PULSES & VEG­ETABLE PRO­TEINS Puy lentils Red kid­ney beans Black beans Chick­peas Tofu Plant-based pro­tein pow­der NUTS & SEEDS Al­monds Cashews Hazel­nuts Pine nuts Brazil nuts Chia seeds Sesame seeds Flaxseeds Al­mond but­ter Peanut but­ter Tahini OILS, SPREADS & GOOD FATS Ex­tra vir­gin olive oil Ex­tra vir­gin co­conut oil Grass-fed but­ter Nut but­ters Avocado WHOLE­GRAINS Oats (gluten-free, if pre­ferred) Brown rice Quinoa Spelt Bar­ley Rye bread Rice cakes STARCHY VEG Sweet pota­toes But­ter­nut squash White pota­toes LEAFY & COLOUR­FUL VEG Kale Spinach Mixed let­tuce leaves Pak choi Radic­chio Chicory As­para­gus Cu­cum­ber Cel­ery Cour­gettes Toma­toes Red onions Frozen peas Mixed bell pep­pers Car­rots Broc­coli Au­bergines Cauliflow­ers Beet­roots Green beans Mush­rooms FRUIT Straw­ber­ries Blue­ber­ries Rasp­ber­ries Black­ber­ries Cher­ries Ap­ples Pears Peaches Ba­nanas Cit­rus Melon Wa­ter­melon Kiwi Dates Goji berries Raisins BAK­ING ES­SEN­TIALS Co­conut flour Ground al­monds Ste­via Raw honey Des­ic­cated co­conut Ca­cao or co­coa pow­der Ca­cao nibs


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