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Stains are al­ways best treated fresh. It is im­por­tant not to panic and start scrub­bing straight away, how­ever. The first thing to do is gen­tly dab at the af­fected area with a dry cloth or kitchen pa­per to re­move the worst of it, or, if it’s a solid stain, scrape it off as cleanly as pos­si­ble with some­thing like a blunt knife. Only once you’ve done that should you think about the stain that is left be­hind.

RED WINE Ta­ble salt helps to soak up the wine and is some­thing that most of us have to hand. Cover the af­fected area im­me­di­ately then press against it gen­tly with a cloth; the salt crys­tals should soak up the ex­cess liq­uid.

CAN­DLE WAX of­ten drips on to table­cloths and sleeves. Scrape away as much hard­ened wax as you can, then cover the af­fected area with grease­proof pa­per and iron on a low set­ting. The heat should melt any re­main­ing wax, which will then be ab­sorbed by the pa­per.

LILY STAMENS Dab the af­fected area im­me­di­ately with a piece of sticky tape to re­move the loose pollen.

MAKE-UP around col­lars and neck­lines. Wipe with make-up re­mover wipes or baby wipes as soon as you no­tice the stain, then soak with bi­o­log­i­cal laun­dry pow­der be­fore wash­ing as usual.

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