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We’re of­ten asked by our guests not only what makes our eggs so tasty, but also why the yolks are so or­ange. We use Bur­ford Brown eggs from Clarence Court, where the hens range freely on green pas­tures that con­tain plenty of chloro­phyll. It’s all this green­ery that adds to the colour and the rich­ness of flavour. It’s no se­cret that ev­ery­one en­joys their eggs a cer­tain way. Here’s our own tried-and-trusted method for the per­fect scram­ble. For one por­tion you will need 3 or 4 eggs, de­pend­ing on how big they are and how hun­gry you are. Thor­oughly whisk the eggs in a heat­proof mix­ing bowl that can sit com­fort­ably over a saucepan of wa­ter. Next, bring said pan of wa­ter to a sim­mer. Place the bowl of eggs over the pan, add a good knob of but­ter and start mix­ing con­tin­u­ously with a wooden spoon or a spatula. Af­ter 2½ min­utes the eggs will start to set around the edges of the bowl. Stir­ring con­stantly at this stage so the eggs stay smooth, turn off the heat and keep stir­ring un­til the tex­ture of the eggs be­comes mousse-like. Around the 3½-minute mark, re­move the bowl from the pan – re­mem­ber that eggs will con­tinue cook­ing even off the heat. When in doubt, al­ways un­der­cook! This method gives the eggs that per­fect glossy tex­ture. Serve warm.

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