I’m torn be­tween him and an­other woman


I have been with my lovely boyfriend for a year. He knows that I am bi­sex­ual and he says that he is OK with it. Dur­ing this time, I have flirted with and kissed other women. I have also had sex with one of them. I didn’t tell my boyfriend. Six months ago, I met an­other woman who I am really at­tracted to. I may be fall­ing in love with her and she feels the same way. I am tempted to have a re­la­tion­ship with her, but I love my boyfriend and don’t want to hurt him. I feel torn be­tween the two. What should I do? You are only a year into your re­la­tion­ship with your boyfriend, but you have al­ready been un­faith­ful with other women. Sex with an­other woman is still in­fi­delity – un­less, of course, when your boyfriend says that he is OK with you be­ing bi­sex­ual, he doesn’t mind you hav­ing sex with other women as well as him. How­ever, if you thought that, you would have been hon­est with him. I won­der if you really pre­fer women, but are stay­ing with your boyfriend be­cause you want to have chil­dren. It will hurt him if you end the re­la­tion­ship, but if he dis­cov­ered your af­fairs it could hurt him even more. It sounds un­likely that you would re­main faith­ful if you stayed with him or got mar­ried.

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