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1 Halt neg­a­tive thoughts Mind­ful­ness has helped me to curb my ad­dic­tions, one of which is anger. With mind­ful­ness, I’ve recog­nised my anger is a bad habit and that all I get from in­dulging my fix is acid re­flux. We all have neg­a­tive think­ing and feel­ing pat­terns, and mind­ful­ness is a way of recog­nis­ing them, for­giv­ing our­selves and nip­ping them in the bud. 2 Re­duce stress Like it or not, em­pir­i­cal ev­i­dence shows that mind­ful­ness re­duces anx­i­ety, panic and stress. You can’t ar­gue with science. 3 Live longer I’d like to live a long, healthy life. What de­fines your real age is the wear and tear of your telom­eres. Telom­eres re­side at the end of your chro­mo­somes, which you have in ev­ery cell of your body. They’re like the plas­tic bit at the end of a shoelace that stop it from fray­ing. How fast they fray de­pends on how you live your life. Re­search shows that mind­ful­ness helps re­duce the wear and tear of your telom­eres so you will stay health­ier. I haven’t had mine tested but I’m sure I’m far younger than I re­ally am. I’ve gone to Burn­ing Man fes­ti­val three times and I can still do the splits (case closed). 4 En­joy the present Most of us spend about 50% of the time mind wan­der­ing: some­times we have nice thoughts but mostly they’re neg­a­tive; re­hash­ing and wor­ry­ing about things that have hap­pened. I fig­ure I’ve missed enough of my life; I don’t want to miss any more. I prac­tise mind­ful­ness so that I can have a front-row seat to my life with no in­ter­vals. You can take as many self­ies as you want with a choco­late brownie, but noth­ing com­pares to that blast of pure plea­sure when you bite it. We live for the mo­ment, but no­body tells us how to do it. Mind­ful­ness trains you to stop and look around. 5 Fo­cus on the pos­i­tive Our abil­ity to pay at­ten­tion to what we want and away from what we don’t is the gate­way to hap­pi­ness. With so many dis­trac­tions, it be­comes im­pos­si­ble to fo­cus on what means the most to us. We live our lives jump­ing from one buzz to the next. We are smoth­ered in ad­ver­tise­ments, stok­ing up feel­ings of envy, com­par­i­son and not be­ing good enough. Our at­ten­tion is our most pre­cious com­mod­ity. 6 Be com­pas­sion­ate The idea is to be able to keep your mind sta­ble in the fierce fires of some­one else’s pain with­out get­ting pulled in or over­whelmed. When some­one starts feel­ing my pain, I end up hav­ing to help them. What good is that? With mind­ful­ness, you stand back and make a clear de­ci­sion on how to help the other per­son. Some­one has to hold the boat steady when that storm comes in.

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