What laugh­ing at sex­ist jokes says about men

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HEARD the one about the men who find sex­ist jokes hi­lar­i­ous?

Now sci­en­tists say it shows they are highly in­se­cure in their mas­culin­ity.

Re­searchers found those who found sex­ist jokes fun­ni­est were the men who felt their man­li­ness was most un­der threat. Their the­ory is that some men see man­hood as a pre­car­i­ous state that can be lost by do­ing some­thing tra­di­tion­ally seen as un­manly – such as child­care, wash­ing up or watch­ing a rom­com.

He needs to sig­nal that he is ma­cho, and jokes that make fun of women help him to do that.

Re­searchers car­ried out two ex­per­i­ments on 387 het­ero­sex­ual men. Their per­son­al­i­ties and at­ti­tudes were tested, as well as lev­els of prej­u­dice against women and gay men.

The Western Carolina Univer­sity re­searchers said jokes mock­ing women and gay peo­ple were found to be fun­ni­est to the men who felt most threat­ened.

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