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1. 190 chil­dren in a school are go­ing home to have meat for din­ner, of whom half are boys. If there are a to­tal of 194 boys in the school, and four-ninths of the girls in the school will not be eat­ing meat, how many chil­dren are there in the school al­to­gether? 2. What con­nects Teacher, Santa and Grandpa? 3. Which air­port-nam­ing celebrity may GIN IN­FLAME? 4. Which is the odd one out: horn­beam, rowan, moun­tain ash, quick­beam? 5. Rear­range the let­ter groups to make three places in Ox­ford­shire, Eng­land: GWO TER OCK CAR RTH LON DST TON WOO.

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