Pin a tin star on Sher­riff Roth and let him at the bad­dies

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IT’S rarely a good idea to try and run away from your prob­lems – they in­vari­ably catch up with you. And it’s even more fool­hardy to think you can find the so­lu­tion by es­cap­ing into the Great Wilder­ness. It’s wilder there.

And yet in the best tra­di­tions of tel­ly­land that’s ex­actly what cop­per Jim Worth does in Sky At­lantic’s much­vaunted new drama Tin Star which has had such good re­views that it has al­ready been com­mis­sioned for a sec­ond se­ries even be­fore real view­ers got to see a reel.

Tin Star – that’s the badge Cana­dian cop­pers wear – reeled us in from the off in the open­ing scene last week with our pro­tag­o­nist con­fronted through his wind­screen by a masked as­sailant or shooter, as they like to call them in this world.

This be­ing Tim Roth, of Reser­voir Dogs and Pulp Fic­tion fame, noth­ing could be truly cer­tain and Jim ducked and blood splat­tered a young girl in the back seat.

An episode in and we are now fully up to speed with the Worths and emo­tion­ally in­volved with their story, the loss of their young son Petey who was killed in the cross­fire, mum An­gela who is ly­ing in a hos­pi­tal bed, dad Jim who is try­ing not to go back on the drink and daugh­ter Anna who is be­ing sized up by the leary lo­cals. Wel­come to Lit­tle Big Bear, the most bor­ing place on Earth – no, not the word­ing on the town signpost, but teenager Anna’s as­sess­ment in the type of pre­scient mis­cal­cu­la­tion that al­ways pre­cedes a blood­bath.

Yes, this is the back­woods with back­woods peo­ple and, of course, bears but the most danger­ous preda­tors are, as is of­ten the way, big busi­ness.

North Stream wants to bleed the area dry of its oil – er, sorry, I mean ‘build em­ploy­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties and com­mu­nity re­la­tions’. Nice touch that when El­iz­a­beth Brad­shaw (Christina Hen­dricks) who has been wheeled out to schmooze the lo­cals went and bought up all the cakes on Mrs Worth’s (Ir­ish ac­tress Genevieve O’Reilly) stall at the mar­ket fair.

Maybe not bring them with her on any hos­pi­tal visit though un­less she wants the same colour­ful re­sponse she got from Jim af­ter try­ing to spin poor Petey’s death to North Stream’s

ad­van­tage. It’s not just cor­po­rate who want to shut up Hon­est Jim, though, the lo­cals seem only too glad of the of­fer of hush money and they don’t much care for this out­sider rid­ing into town ei­ther.

There’s only so much a man can take here and re­mem­ber this is a man who dearly wants a drink.

So when one of the more in­tel­lec­tu­ally chal­lenged mem­bers of the com­mu­nity gets handy with his fists our Jim en­sures that he’ll be un­com­fort­able on his bar stool for some time to come. All that’s miss­ing from Tin Star is Sher­iff Jim jump­ing on his horse, tilt­ing his Stet­son and whip­ping his gun out of its hol­ster. We’re in for a mod­ern-day Western here.

Jim is un­der­stand­ably out for re­venge on those who killed his lit­tle boy, a dirty low-down rag­bag gang of scoundrels, al­most def­i­nitely in the pay of the com­pany that wants to rob the town of its oil. They are of course all out for them­selves.

He’s also got a sui­cide that looks like a mur­der to probe.

And un­be­knownst to him but some­thing he will find out soon but Anna (Abi­gail Lawrie) has just been given a lift out on a coun­try road by the vil­lain of the piece who started mak­ing eyes at her in the town sa­lon, er karaoke.

Oh, and Jim has bro­ken his prom­ise to her not to go back on the booze.

An­gela bet­ter get off that hos­pi­tal bed soon and sort them all out.

Close bonds: Jim (Tim Roth) and An­gela (Genevieve O’Reilly)

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