Fix your frizz – with a tum­ble dryer sheet

Make glasses gleam or stop shoes squeak­ing

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DO YOU au­to­mat­i­cally throw in a tum­ble dryer sheet with your clothes each time you use the ma­chine? Even if you’re not plan­ning to use them in your laun­dry, dig out that pack from your kitchen press — be­cause the cloths, de­signed to keep clothes fresh and static-free, have all sorts of nifty uses.


HAIR and fab­rics can pick up a static charge when they rub against an­other ma­te­rial so take a tip from hair­dressers and ban­ish static, frizzy hair by run­ning a tum­ble dryer sheet over your locks. The sheets are for­mu­lated to stop static build­ing up on clothes in the ma­chine and have a cationic elec­tri­cal charge — a pos­i­tive charge that neu­tralises static. Hand­ily, this means if you rub a sheet lightly over hair, it will make any frizz lie flat.


TUM­BLE dryer sheets are great for loos­en­ing stub­born dirt. Have a glass vase that’s gone cloudy? Fill it with warm wa­ter, add a new tum­ble dryer sheet and soak overnight to make it sparkle. Bak­ing trays, pans and oven racks will also come up clean. A quick wash with soapy wa­ter the next day should be all that’s needed.


LOVE a trip to the beach, but hate the jour­ney home, cov­ered in sand you can’t brush off? Keep a used dryer sheet handy to wipe skin. Its rough tex­ture will help grab stub­born sand, while the fab­ric soft­ener residue acts as a lu­bri­cant to re­move all those pesky grains.


ARE you for­ever get­ting pet hairs on your clothes? A brisk rub with a used tum­ble dryer sheet should dust them away in se­conds, thanks to its rough tex­ture.

The sheets have the same ef­fect on tiny dust par­ti­cles — so they’re perfect as dust cloths for fid­dly spa­ces.


KEEP train­ers and boots smelling sweet by stuff­ing a balled-up used tum­ble dryer sheet in each shoe be­tween uses. The su­per-ab­sorbent sheets soak up bad odour.

Why a used sheet? The fab­ric con­di­tion­ers in tum­ble dryer sheets con­tain fats, which, when fresh, could leave a residue on some fab­rics — to lessen that risk, a used sheet is best. This works with bags and suit­cases, too.


GLIT­TER pol­ish is no­to­ri­ously dif­fi­cult to re­move. Ap­ply your nail varnish re­mover with a used tum­ble dryer sheet, how­ever, and the com­bi­na­tion of the re­mover, a lit­tle soft­ener residue and the rough sur­face of the sheet will make the task far eas­ier.


STOP thread from knot­ting up while you stitch by pulling it through a folded tum­ble dryer sheet be­fore you thread it on to the nee­dle. The waxy residue from the fab­ric soft­ener should make the thread more slip­pery and stop it from catch­ing on it­self or your fab­ric.


THEY re­move static in your ma­chine, but tum­ble dryer sheets are just as good at neu­tral­is­ing it when you’re wear­ing the clothes. Brush the un­der­side of a static gar­ment with a new tum­ble dryer sheet to stop it cling­ing.


DO THE rub­ber soles of your shoes squeak when you walk on pol­ished floors? A pass over the soles with a new tum­ble dryer sheet will coat them in waxy fab­ric soft­ener to dampen the fric­tion — and si­lence the squeak.

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