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1. In which US state is the Ep­cot theme park? 2. Which ac­tor was Os­car-nom­i­nated for the lyrics he wrote for Ge­orgy Girl, the theme tune to the 1966 film of the same name? 3. In the Bi­ble, what kind of wood was Noah’s Ark made of? 4. Di­rec­tor Steven Spiel­berg’s first mu­si­cal film is to be a re­make of which fa­mous film? 5. In a cut di­a­mond, what word refers to the cone-shaped lower part of the stone be­neath the mid-sec­tion or gir­dle? 6. By what name was the is­land of Ven­totene in the Tyrrhe­nian Sea known to the Ro­mans, who used it as a place of ex­ile and pun­ish­ment?

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