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1. The sum of four num­bers is sev­en­tytwo. If five is sub­tracted from the first num­ber, five is added to the sec­ond num­ber, the third is di­vided by five and the fourth is mul­ti­plied by five, then all the re­sults are equal. What is the difference be­tween the largest and the small­est of the orig­i­nal num­bers? 2. What con­nects brain, god and step? 3. Which com­poser and con­duc­tor may have RE­VAMPED A SWELL EXIT? 4. Which is the odd one out: Shan­non, Lif­fey, Thames, Tyne? 5. Rear­range the let­ter groups to make three Lon­don the­atres: LAD CRI DGE TER IUM CAM ION BRI PAL.

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