Irish Daily Mirror - - COMMENT - BY SIOB­HAN O’CON­NOR

Who needs an EU Gen­der Equal­ity Re­port to tell us that women do more house­work? It’s not that men do less in­ten­tion­ally, it’s just they sim­ply don’t see the filth they’re bask­ing in. Once the TV is on and the feet are up they’re happy out for the night, they don’t have the same radar for grime as we do. Men will hap­pily make a sambo on a sur­face em­bed­ded with yes­ter­day’s crumbs but for us the kitchen needs to be sur­gi­cally clean be­fore we even take the food out of the fridge. And for the love of God what is wrong with men’s nos­trils? Are our noses built dif­fer­ently? I couldn’t sit still if the bins weren’t bleached down whereas a man wouldn’t even flinch if the odour was per­me­at­ing through the en­tire home! Most of my mates have hired clean­ers to avoid di­vorce over the chores. Money well spent I say if you can af­ford it.

Men do less ...be­cause they can’t see the dirt

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