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Go­ing up... Sl-ouch!

It’s su­per im­por­tant not to slouch, be­cause your clothes look bet­ter you won’t de­velop painful back problems – and new prod­uct Up­right Go can help. Stick it on your spine and if you hunch, you’ll get an elec­tric shock... oh no, hold on, I got the wrong end of the stick. It won’t shock you, it’ll just buzz. Bor­ing. Free idea for the sec­ond gen­er­a­tion ver­sion for them there, then.

Laugh­ing gear

The very lat­est thing straight off the cat­walks at Paris Fash­ion Week is lip em­bel­lish­ment – in the form of tiny se­quins and glit­ter. As a wear­able trend, it is, of course, lu­di­crous... but as a Christ­mas party dress diet, bril­liant and al­most guar­an­teed to work, be­cause it would be im­pos­si­ble to eat any­thing with them on.

Go­ing down... Hell toupé

It’s Hal­loween soon, and if you’re prop­erly ded­i­cated to cel­e­brat­ing you’ll wear a cos­tume, with a wig. And that way, you’ll cre­ate a su­per re­al­is­tic house of hor­rors in your own home, be­cause you’ll al­most def­i­nitely bring nits into it. Nurse Cherie Sex­ton says: “We have a lot of peo­ple go­ing into stores right now, try­ing on masks, cos­tumes and wigs. “And a lot of peo­ple don’t give much thought to the fact that sev­eral peo­ple could’ve tried it on be­fore them.” Gritchy*. * As grim as it is itchy.


Although it looks like an­other Hal­loween– re­lated item, this photo – of a head­less, leg­less cat with a tail, which wags – is ac­tu­ally a “ther­apy ro­bot”. It pro­vides (spooky) com­pany, but with none of the de­mands of hav­ing a real pet. It’s called Qoobo, and it could also pro­vide a sliver of com­fort to the poor­est, most un­for­tu­nate souls in the world, ie peo­ple who are al­ler­gic to cats.

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