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Dear Coleen

I’ve had a fetish for ladies’ un­der­wear since I was 12 years old. I used to try on my mother’s clothes while she was out at work. When I got mar­ried, my late wife re­ally took to the idea and would love see­ing me dressed in women’s un­der­wear, and also liked buy­ing clothes for me. Since she passed away a few years ago, I’ve still worn the un­der­wear, even though I’m now in my 70s. My daugh­ter has known about all this for many years, but the thing I’m most wor­ried about is hav­ing an ac­ci­dent and oth­ers find­ing out. Do you think it’s OK to carry on dress­ing like this?

Coleen says

I’ve had many let­ters from men who like to cross-dress in pri­vate, oth­ers who like dress­ing up and go­ing to clubs, and some who like to wear women’s un­der­wear be­neath their clothes. So, there are plenty of peo­ple who feel like you do and of course I think it’s OK for you to carry on as long as you are get­ting plea­sure from it. You may even be able to con­nect with other men like your­self – there are plenty of groups and re­sources on­line. It’s good that you’ve been open with your daugh­ter and she’s fine about it. As for hav­ing an ac­ci­dent, trust me, the paramedics won’t be look­ing at your un­der­wear, they’ll be too busy try­ing to at­tend to your in­juries. But, if this is some­thing that makes you re­ally anx­ious to the point where it’s af­fect­ing your en­joy­ment of life, then try wear­ing the un­der­wear only at home.

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