I’m a Celeb stars re­veal se­cret fears

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1: Stanley John­son, 77 FA­MOUS FOR: For­mer MEP and fa­ther of UK for­eign sec­re­tary Boris. PHOBIA: “I will be OK on that front but ob­vi­ously I don’t want to be bit­ten by a black widow spi­der.” RE­LA­TION­SHIP STA­TUS:

Mar­ried. THIS YEAR’S: Larry Lamb.

QUOTE: “I will try to help peo­ple my age or more. The sec­ond point is I hope I won’t be too ex­hausted to make the odd joke. I do like adding a lighter tone into the pro­ceed­ings.”

ODDS: 6/1 2: Den­nis Wise, 50 FA­MOUS FOR: For­mer Chelsea foot­baller PHOBIA: I am a bit claus­tro­pho­bic and so I am dread­ing any trial in­volv­ing a cof­fin. RE­LA­TION­SHIP STA­TUS: Mar­ried THIS YEAR’S: Jimmy Bullard QUOTE: “Some of my friends will think I am very mad do­ing this. John Franco and Vin­nie Jones – I am sure they will have some fun on this! They will prob­a­bly vote for me to do the tri­als know­ing them!”

ODDS: 12/1 3: Shappi Khor­sandi, 44 FA­MOUS FOR: Stand-up co­me­dian PHOBIA: Heights and I am dread­ing not be­ing able to drink a cup of tea. RE­LA­TION­SHIP STA­TUS: Sin­gle THIS YEAR’S: Joel Dom­mett

QUOTE: “I’d like to think I am gutsy. You can’t let peo­ple down. I am a sin­gle mum and I’ve al­ways had to do my best and get through ev­ery­thing. You haven’t got time to sit down and have a whinge.” ODDS: 8/1 4: Amir Khan, 30 FA­MOUS FOR: For­mer box­ing cham­pion

PHOBIA: Spi­ders, snakes and heights


QUOTE: “This is go­ing to be harder than fac­ing an op­po­nent in a box­ing match be­cause it is out of my com­fort zone. Box­ing is some­thing I’ve al­ways done whereas this is go­ing to be dif­fi­cult. I’ve not done any­thing like it be­fore and don’t know what to ex­pect.” ODDS: 16/1 5: Jen­nie Mcalpine, 33 FA­MOUS FOR: Be­ing Fiz on Corona­tion Street PHOBIA: Leav­ing son be­hind, no other big fears. RE­LA­TION­SHIP STA­TUS: Mar­ried

THIS YEAR’S: Char­lie Brooks

QUOTE: “In the past I’ve been Jen­nie for about five min­utes at a time when I’ve done a TV in­ter­view or some­thing sim­i­lar. Now I am go­ing to be Jen­nie for 24 hours a day over three weeks. I am not like Fiz. I don’t nag as much as Fiz nags Ty­rone!”

ODDS: 4/1 6: Vanessa White, 28 FA­MOUS FOR: Singer in The Satur­days PHOBIA: Bugs! RE­LA­TION­SHIP STA­TUS: Sin­gle

THIS YEAR’S: Ash­ley Roberts

QUOTE: “I am quite a quiet per­son and I am a closed book to the pub­lic. At least, I have been un­til now, so it will be nice for them to see me in a dif­fer­ent light and get to know me. But, then again, they might see just how crazy I am.”

ODDS: 10/1

7: Re­bekah Vardy, 35 FA­MOUS FOR: Wife of foot­baller Jamie PHOBIA: I’m not a great fan of spi­ders and I don’t like con­fined spa­ces. RE­LA­TION­SHIP STA­TUS: Mar­ried THIS YEAR’S: Myleene Klass

QUOTE: “I love peo­ple and I wouldn’t be the one who causes ar­gu­ments but at the same time I won’t tol­er­ate a bully. If I’ve got an opinion, I will make sure it is heard.”

ODDS: 10/1 8: Jack May­nard, 22 FA­MOUS FOR: Youtube star

PHOBIA: I think I’m scared of ev­ery­thing. But I’ll find out what I am prop­erly scared of.


THIS YEAR’S: Ge­orge Shel­ley

QUOTE: One of the main rea­sons I’m do­ing it is to be the first Youtu­ber to go on a show that is so mas­sive. To be the first vlog­ger is a game changer. Hope­fully I can do the In­ter­net proud. ODDS: 6/1 9: Ge­or­gia ‘Toff’ Tof­folo, 22 FA­MOUS FOR: Made In Chelsea

PHOBIA: Rats and mice. I am a real jumper. RE­LA­TION­SHIP STA­TUS: Sin­gle

THIS YEAR’S: Scar­lett Mof­fatt

QUOTE: “I am look­ing for­ward to not putting make-up on or hav­ing my hair done. I’ve been do­ing Made In Chelsea for four years now and ev­ery­thing is so fast paced. I am look­ing for­ward to be­ing away from that.”

ODDS: 8/1 10: Jamie Lo­mas, 42 FA­MOUS FOR: Soap ac­tor PHOBIA: Bugs, spi­ders and cock­roaches crawl­ing all over my head. RE­LA­TION­SHIP STA­TUS: Sin­gle

THIS YEAR’S: Adam Thomas

QUOTE: “I am quite a pri­vate per­son and for me to put my­self out there is new. I can’t hide be­hind the cam­eras nor can I hide be­hind my char­ac­ter.”

ODDS: 4/1

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