We’ll all need re­sus­ci­tated af­ter nail-bit­ing end to Trauma

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Griev­ing Dan con­fronts sur­geon Jon over son’s death

Mil­lions of view­ers were no doubt shout­ing “Ex­actly!” at their TV screens to­wards the end of ITV’S Trauma last night.


Well, some­one fi­nally asked griev­ing fa­ther Dan Bowker (John Simm) why he was go­ing af­ter the sur­geon who’d tried to save his son Alex’s life rather than the kid who’d ac­tu­ally stabbed him.

The fact that it was the sur­geon, Jon Aller­ton (Adrian Lester), that asked the ques­tion merely added to the drama. Whether you were con­vinced by Dan’s an­swer prob­a­bly de­ter­mined whether you were sat­is­fied by this fi­nale.

Dan was cer­tain Jon had lied from the start, and his be­lief that an in­jus­tice had oc­curred was all-con­sum­ing. In the end he was right. Jon had made a crit­i­cal mis­take dur­ing the surgery.

Dan’s ex­treme method of forc­ing the medic to ad­mit his er­ror made for the most nail-bit­ing TV I’ve seen since the last Line Of Duty fi­nale.

We didn’t know if Dan had killed Jon’s daugh­ter and was about to kill his wife. Even when we dis­cov­ered he’d killed no one there was a heart-stop­ping stand-off in which any­one – in­clud­ing him­self – could have been killed.

Of course, you can carry on moan­ing about how Dan had man­aged to sneak past hos­pi­tal se­cu­rity so many times if you like. You can even carry on won­der­ing how some­one who was sup­pos­edly skint had man­aged to buy his wife a de­signer dress and pay for pri­vate psy­chi­a­try help. (Er, credit cards?)

I’d rather con­cen­trate on the fact that Simm and Lester were bril­liant, as were Lyn­d­sey Mar­shall (Dan’s wife Susie), Rowena King (Jon’s wife Lisa) and Jade Anouka (Jon’s daugh­ter Alana).

I’d also like to thank ITV for wrap­ping it all up in three nights, which means I can now get back to more im­por­tant mat­ters.

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