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Re­quest a silage anal­y­sis for nu­tri­ents and min­er­als.

You will be feed­ing it soon, if you have not al­ready opened the pit.

2017 grass silages are not test­ing as well as we would like, due to the slightly de­layed first cut. It is highly rec­om­mended that you test your silage be­fore you buy con­cen­trates, so that you are bal­anc­ing it prop­erly. Grazed grass dry mat­ter is 12-15% cur­rently, so mon­i­tor in­takes, and sup­ple­ment where nec­es­sary.


Con­tinue to sup­ple­ment suck­led cows at grass with mag­ne­sium post wean­ing. There have been many re­ports of tetany, as nights have been get­ting colder.

The cal­cium in lick buck­ets will also help to pre­vent milk fever in milkier type cows.

Grow­ing wean­lings and store cat­tle

Young stock des­tined for fur­ther feed­ing or breed­ing on grass alone are not thriv­ing well and now need sup­ple­men­ta­tion to main­tain per­for­mance.


Ad­vanced stock out on grass are not thriv­ing well at present and should be sup­ple­mented on grass or housed for fin­ish­ing at this stage of the year. Watch that cat­tle on heavy feed­ing do not get aci­do­sis post hous­ing. In­tro­duce con­cen­trates and/or beet slowly, to pre­vent di­ges­tive up­sets, and watch for in­di­ca­tions of poor ru­men func­tion, such as loose dungs, cud balls, drool­ing of saliva, and lame­ness.

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