New ad­di­tion to Fendt’s trac­tion man­age­ment

Irish Examiner - Farming - - TECHNOLOGY FOCUS - Stephen Cado­gan

Fendt’s new Var­i­oPull al­ters the at­tach­ment point of an im­ple­ment.

It can be ad­justed on the move, on a hor­i­zon­tal plane, and brought within 80cm of the trac­tor’s rear axle. This in­creases road sta­bil­ity, due to op­ti­mum weight dis­tri­bu­tion. Or the driver can shift the at­tach­ment fur­ther to the rear, for more draw­bar space to make head­land turns. Var­i­oPull can be au­to­mat­i­cally con­trolled, or con­ve­niently ad­justed from the driver’s seat. Pre­vi­ously, the axle load dis­tri­bu­tion of a trac­tor with a mounted im­ple­ment could only be changed by us­ing front weights, wheel weights, and the tongue weight. Var­i­oPull al­lows re­duc­tion of front weights and hence of the trac­tor weight, which in­creases fuel econ­omy and pro­tects the soil.

The aim with Fendt Var­i­oPull is to be able to set the ideal load dis­tri­bu­tion be­tween the axles, by util­is­ing the equip­ment weight bet­ter in terms of trac­tion.

The weight is shifted as far as pos­si­ble from the rear axle to the front axle, by draw­ing the cou­pling point, for ex­am­ple the lower link hook, as close as pos­si­ble to the rear axle, us­ing a hy­dro-me­chan­i­cal lock­ing cylin­der. Var­i­oPull is an Agritech­nica 2017 sil­ver medal win­ner for in­no­va­tion.

The vari­able ad­just­ment of the axle load al­lows the in­ner tyre pres­sure of both axles to be op­ti­mised, for the first time, in com­bi­na­tion with Fendt’s fully in­te­grated Var­i­oGrip tyre pres­sure reg­u­la­tion sys­tem (which con­trols tyre pres­sure be­tween 0.6 bar ann 2.5 bar within min­utes). The ground pres­sure is also re­duced, and the trac­tion power max­imised. Re­duc­ing front bal­last also in­creases driv­ing safety and com­fort on the roads. There is an in­crease in acreage ca­pac­ity thanks to less drag, less roll re­sis­tance in the field, fewer emis­sions, and bet­ter soil pro­tec­tion. Fendt say Var­i­oPull fits well in their trac­tion man­age­ment, which con­sists of the Var­i­oGrip in­te­grated tyre pres­sure reg­u­la­tor sys­tem, the Var­i­oDrive driv­e­train sys­tem, and Grip As­sis­tant elec­tronic sys­tem. Fendt Var­i­oGrip is also now avail­able for stub axle ve­hi­cles. Pre­vi­ously, it was only avail­able for flanged rear axles.

Fendt say mak­ing the Var­i­oPull sys­tem eas­ily and quickly op­er­a­ble for the driver was a key el­e­ment. The user is al­ways in­formed of the cur­rent po­si­tion by Fendt Var­i­oPull, and can con­ve­niently ad­just this from the driver’s seat in the cab, or op­tion­ally via an app. It also makes at­tach­ing im­ple­ments eas­ier and safer.

Fendt’s new Var­i­oPull in­creases travel sta­bil­ity by al­ter­ing the at­tach­ment point of an im­ple­ment, on the move, for op­ti­mum weight dis­tri­bu­tion.

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