Good idea to sep­a­rate smaller heifers

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M a k e a p l a n fo r s u c c e s s f u l breed­ing of your re­place­ment heifers.

Do you have a min­i­mum weight for your breed­ing heifers? It should re­late to the weight of your ma­ture cows.

Given the great grass year that 2017 was, most heifers did quite well on grass and were housed in great or­der.

It would be a good idea to sep­a­rate out the smaller heifers in­tended for the bull now. You can in­crease the feed­ing level to them now, and keep them as a sep­a­rate group for a while, be­fore you com­mence breed­ing. By do­ing this, you can feed ad­di­tional con­cen­trates to them right up to breed­ing, to achieve tar­get breed­ing weights. A wise man once sug­gested to me that “if you have to weigh your heifers to de­cide if they are fit for breed­ing, then they are not big enough to bull!”.

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