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Dr Phil Kieran on:

The com­mon myth ‘I’m sick be­cause I got caught in a shower’: “This is widely be­lieved. I hear a lot of it. Depend­ing on how busy I am, I ad­dress it. I ex­plain how it’s never been sub­stan­ti­ated in the re­search. If some­one’s sick, it isn’t from get­ting wet. It’s be­cause of a virus.”

Keep­ing your cold to your­self: “Peo­ple get up­set about others cough­ing or sneez­ing over them but they don’t think about what they do them­selves — not cov­er­ing your own sneeze or cough is much more likely to mean a cold is passed on.”

The be­lief by some that the HPV vac­cine causes fa­tigue is­sues: This is un­true, he says. “It’s a dan­ger­ous myth. I will buy it for my own sons if [a vac­cine pro­gramme for boys] hasn’t been brought in by they time they’re the age to get it.”

Type 2 Di­a­betes: “Tra­di­tion­ally, we’d have seen it present in peo­ple’s late 60s and 70s. Now, we’re see­ing it in peo­ple in their early 40s. How early are we go­ing to see it in to­day’s 12year-olds [con­sid­er­ing the obe­sity epi­demic]?”

Di­etary ed­u­ca­tion: “A big prob­lem is nu­tri­tional lit­er­acy. We should be teach­ing this in pri­mary schools so chil­dren are aware of what sugar is and what it does in the body.”

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