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Fol­low the 80/20 rule My big­gest piece of ad­vice is to take an 80/20 ap­proach to food (fol­low a healthy eat­ing plan 80% of the time and be more flex­i­ble for the re­main­ing 20% of the time). We’re all hu­man, so say­ing that you’re go­ing to be good 100% of the time just isn’t re­al­is­tic.


Plan, plan, plan! Meal prep and plan­ning is one of the big­gest keys to my suc­cess.


Don’t cut out foods, much less en­tire food groups, be­fore you’ve given them a chance. There is no right or wrong diet and the best judge of what works for you is you.

Ed­u­cate your­self

Read the la­bels to fig­ure out what’s in your food and take back con­trol.

Get mov­ing

I’m fa­nat­i­cal about train­ing, but you don’t have to be a fully-fledged fit­ness jerk to move. Just move more: walk more, take the stairs more, join a gym.

What’s your ex­cuse?

If you feel you are fail­ing in your goal to lead a more bal­anced, healthy lifestyle, what’s your ex­cuse? For me, it was lack of willpower. On the week­ends I’d look at food as a re­ward and eat all the stuff I told my­self I wasn’t al­lowed dur­ing the week. I couldn’t deal with the Mon­day guilt any more, so I de­cided to have a treat if I re­ally wanted one, no mat­ter what day of the week it was.

Let go of the guilt

I wasted so many years feel­ing guilty about food. If you’re go­ing to have some­thing a lit­tle naughty, just go ahead and have it, en­joy it and move on. Go back to your nor­mal rou­tine the next day and don’t beat your­self up over it.

The drib­ble ap­proach

Make small changes. You don’t have to dive in head first and try to do ev­ery­thing all at once. Rome wasn’t built in a day and a bal­anced lifestyle won’t be ei­ther.

Roz’s top 20 hero foods: Al­mond milk (unsweet­ened), av­o­ca­dos, ba­nanas, berries, broc­coli, chia seeds, cour­gettes, dark choco­late, eggs, feta cheese, lemons, maple syrup and honey, nut but­ter, por­ridge oats, pro­tein pow­der, raw nuts and seeds, rice, lentils and quinoa, sweet pota­toes, tinned toma­toes, chick­peas and beans and yo­gurt.

From Half Hour Heroes by Roz Pur­cell

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