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IT’S Na­tional Po­tato Day — and what a good year 2017 has been for the po­tato. All va­ri­eties seemed to have flour­ished in the sum­mer weather con­di­tions to bring us choice of tex­ture and taste.

A few spices, such as turmeric, gin­ger, chilli and pa­prika and freshly grated gar­lic in a lit­tle non vir­gin olive oil will make a huge dif­fer­ence to quickly roasted/chipped pota­toes. A spoon­ful of ko­rma paste fried quickly be­fore adding to sim­ple mash is quite a treat.

Pop­ping a few scrubbed pota­toes into a pot or the oven seems as easy as can be, and are bet­ter value than con­ve­nience foods, but these will ap­peal on days when even peel­ing a po­tato seems a chore.

Coeli­acs and those who can­not eat sugar or var­i­ous ad­di­tives need to watch la­bels.

Rea­sons to eat pota­toes in­clude — a good source of fi­bre, pro­tein, vi­ta­mins C and B com­plex. Baked and boiled/steamed in their jack­ets, they re­tain op­ti­mum nu­tri­ents with use­ful potas­sium in the skin.

For the weight con­scious, pota­toes are not a prob­lem un­less fat is added to them, so baked and sim­ply boiled/steamed are good op­tions.

For this sur­vey we sought some­thing tasty, with the least ad­di­tives and what would pro­vide bal­ance when paired with a pro­tein-rich egg, beans and some greens. We avoided scor­ing di­rect com­par­isons judg­ing each one for what they had to of­fer.

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