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TO­DAY is Friday the 13th. I googled it the other day only to dis­cover the fear of it is a real thing called ‘frig­ga­triskaideka­pho­bia’.

All over the world there are peo­ple fear­ful at the mere men­tion of to­day and oth­ers stay­ing in bed to avoid it al­to­gether.

As a child I was su­per­sti­tious. Not only would I not walk un­der a lad­der or had to throw salt over my shoul­der if I spilled some, but I added a few of my own.

One, which lit­er­ally tied me in knots, was the su­per­sti­tion that if I put my right sock on be­fore my left I was in­creas­ing the chances of us get­ting an unan­nounced test in school. Un­for­tu­nately, th­ese tests still hap­pened, so I ad­justed my su­per­sti­tion, be­liev­ing if I put the right sock on while stand­ing up I’d be test free.

This be­lief in su­per­sti­tion con­tin­ued through­out child­hood and while it was easy to avoid a lad­der and spilling salt, mag­pies were the bane of my life.

Those birds were ev­ery­where as I was grow­ing up, sit­ting on walls all alone bring­ing me noth­ing but sor­row. Driv­ing to swim­ming com­pe­ti­tions through the Phoenix Park, which was a Mecca for them, my friend and I

I no longer be­lieve Friday 13th to be an un­lucky day, but a part of me won­ders is there such a thing as a day which is des­tined to be un­lucky?

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