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■ Some Early po­ta­toes are ready for har­vest­ing – a probe is no harm.

■ Mean­while con­tinue to earth-up the rest of your potato crops – leave about 4-5cm of shoot un­cov­ered to con­tinue grow­ing.

■ The weather is good enough now to plant out to­ma­toes. Cordon to­ma­toes will need their side-shoots re­moved to im­prove their yield. With in­door spec­i­mens and later on, with out­door ones do pinch out the grow­ing point just above the high­est truss once four flower trusses have formed.

■ Straw­ber­ries gen­er­ally start pro­duc­ing run­ners in June and its de­ci­sion time - do you want to layer a few to get new plants or cut off the run­ners to en­sure the en­ergy re­mains con­cen­trated on fruit pro­duc­tion. So is there a bumper crop in there or is time to re­fresh the crop?

■ Speak­ing of run­ners - En­cour­age your run­ner beans to climb up their sup­ports and be vig­i­lant to pests. Run­ner beans ac­tu­ally nat­u­rally twist clock­wise, that is the op­po­site way to most other beans.

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