Don’t EU dare to straighten our ba­nanas

Irish Examiner - Supplement - - 60 YEARS OF EUROPEAN UNITY -

One of the most fa­mous Euro-myths, it gal­vanised the 1994 Bri­tish tabloid sec­tor at the prospect that “curved ba­nanas have been banned by Brus­sels bu­reau­crats”. This one did have a grain of truth to it, in the com­mis­sion reg­u­la­tion 2257/94, which dic­tated that all ba­nanas must be free from “abnormal cur­va­ture”. The story brought to mind that fa­mous episode of Yes Min­is­ter where “the great Bri­tish banger” might now be re­named an “emul­si­fied high fat of­fal tube”.

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