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THIS week I’m giv­ing de­tails about T my warm-up and cool-down rou­tines, plus I’ve got two de­li­cious sum­mer recipes to share with you. My Salmon and Prawn Skew­ers and Sun­burst Salad are per­fect for any en­ter­tain­ing you might have planned this week­end or sim­ply as a healthy din­ner.

No mat­ter where you are in your fit­ness jour­ney or what level of train­ing you are at, a warm up and cool down should al­ways be a part of your rou­tine. As a pro­fes­sional ath­lete, they were key com­po­nents of any train­ing ses­sion I did.

Warm­ing up is im­por­tant for loads of rea­sons: it re­duces risk of in­jury, pre­pares the body and mind for ex­er­cise, in­creases the body’s tem­per­a­ture so mus­cles are more elas­tic and can move more ef­fi­ciently and in­creases heart rate and di­rects more blood to the work­ing mus­cles.

Re­cently I par­tic­i­pated in a 5K run se­ries in Phoenix Park in Dublin. It was amaz­ing to see so many peo­ple, of all ages and abil­i­ties, mov­ing to­gether with the fo­cus purely on par­tic­i­pa­tion and fun. Prior to the race, I led a mass warm up with fit­ness ex­pert Karl Henry. It was quick but ef­fec­tive. I find it per­fect to do this right be­fore a run:

Five minute warm up on the spot:

Jog for one minute High knees for 1 minute Kick your bum for 1 minute

Arms over head and stretch to each side, do it 10 times

Grab your an­kle quad stretch, five times each leg

Af­ter the race I did my usual cool down. There are loads of ben­e­fits to a cool down in­clud­ing gen­tly slow­ing of the heart rate, in­creas­ing blood flow and nu­tri­ent de­liv­ery to mus­cles, aid­ing the dis­posal of waste prod­ucts like lac­tic acid, and aid­ing re­cov­ery and re­duc­ing muscle sore­ness.

My cool down in­cludes both gen­tle run­ning and stretch­ing. It’s im­por­tant to stretch as it helps to im­prove flex­i­bil­ity, range of mo­tion and pos­ture while also re­lax­ing the mus­cles and re­turn­ing them to their rest­ing length post work­out. I love a good stretch!

10-minute cool down:

Five to seven min­utes al­ter­nat­ing easy jog­ging or walk­ing

Three min­utes of stretch­ing — tar­get the arms, shoul­ders, quads, ham­strings and calves

Foam rolling is an­other great ad­di­tion to any warm up or cool down rou­tine. It’s a self-mas­sage tech­nique that can help to in­crease cir­cu­la­tion to your mus­cles and re­lax any tight mus­cles to pre­vent a build up of ten­sion. I tend to aim for two to three times per week at a sep­a­rate time to my work­out and as I love a good chance to multi task I will of­ten do it while watch­ing my favourite TV show or lis­ten­ing to a pod­cast. My tod­dler see’s us rolling on the fowm roller so much that even she rolls on it!

Fit­spo: My fit­spi­ra­tion for this week is @Kay­laItsines. I re­cently bought her new book The Bikini Body 28Day Healthy Eat­ing & Life­style Guide and I re­ally like it.

It’s beau­ti­fully laid out and is packed with recipes along with hints and tips on how to live a healthy and bal­anced life­style.

It also comes with a pullout wall poster with some great work­out ideas.

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